1. How do I contact you to buy tickets over the phone or ask a question?

Call 800-888-8499 or 801-467-8499

When is your Smith’sTix Call Center open?

Monday – Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm
Closed on Holidays

2019 Holiday Hours:

Tuesday, January 1st
Closed (New Year’s Day)
Thursday, November 28th
Closed (Thanksgiving)
Wednesday, December 25th
Closed (Christmas Day)

Click here for corporate contact information

2. How do I get a refund? 

Tickets and merchandise purchased through SmithsTix.com are subject to a non-refundable per-ticket or per-item service charge. Purchases are also subject to a non-refundable per-order handling charge. In the case of an event cancellation, SmithsTix.com shall use reasonable efforts to ensure you receive a prompt refund of the face value of your purchase. In the case of an event cancellation, please contact us for information regarding receiving your refund. If an event is modified, moved or rescheduled, the Seller reserves the right to set refund limitations. When a refund is available, it will be processed back to the card used to purchase the tickets only. Please contact us for more information.

3. Why do I have to create an account online?

The only difference between creating an account online and ordering over the phone is a password. You are still required give the same information when ordering tickets over the phone, you just don't create a password that allows you to access your account at a later date. With a password, you can return to the account online at any time and view your order history. If you purchase tickets regularly, your information is saved and it's even quicker to check-out.

4. Why do you only ship to the billing address? 

Protecting you against credit card fraud is our number one priority. By only shipping to the billing address we provide an extra layer of security because it makes it harder for a thief to use a stolen credit card on our website. We know that a few customers attend school in one state, but still receive their credit card statement in another. For those of you, choosing "will call" is an easy, SAFE alternative.

Your billing address is required regardless of which shipping method you choose. Our first line of defense against credit card fraud is to confirm that the billing address entered matches with the address the bank has on file.

To protect against fraud and unauthorized use of your credit card, please note that the credit card holder's name must match the name in their Smith's Tix account.

5. My shopping cart expired and my tickets were released before I had time to complete my order. What should I do?

If you run out of time trying to complete your purchase and get an error message indicating "Your timer has expired and the tickets in your shopping cart have been released," you must complete your purchase again. Your card has not been charged yet. We allow you between 3-10 minutes to complete your transaction after which the tickets will be released. This is to ensure that tickets are available to everyone.

6. What forms of payment do you accept? Do you accept gift cards?

You can purchase tickets online over the phone using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit or debit cards. We offer Smith’sTix Gift Certificates which can be redeemed at the outlets only. We only accept Visa or MasterCard gift cards and prepaid debit/credit cards at the outlets.

7. I didn't receive an email confirming my purchase. How do I know if my purchase was confirmed? 

Login to your account and click My Tickets. You will be able to view a list of your successful purchases. If need be, you can print the page for your records. Some email accounts such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, msn.com and aol.com immediately put emails from Smith’s Tix into a spam/junk mail folder. Your confirmation email is coming from customerservice@smithstix.com . If you have any questions call 800-888-8499.

8. I looked at my bank/credit card statement online and it looks like you charged my account, but I didn't get an email confirming my purchase and it doesn't appear under my order history? 

If you tried to purchase tickets online but your transaction was declined because the address you entered didn't match the address your bank has on file, you will see a temporary hold on the funds when you look at your bank/credit card statement online. This occurs because our system tried to charge your card. Because the address you entered didn't match the address the bank has on file, the sale did not meet our purchase criteria and was therefore declined. It is YOUR bank that is temporarily holding these funds (not us) and they are typically released within 24-48 hours.

The Address Verification Service (AVS) is a system designed by bankcard processors to aid in the detection of suspicious credit card transaction activity. AVS matches billing address information provided by the cardholder with the cardholder’s billing address on file at the credit card issuing bank. The processing network then sends an AVS response code indicating the results of the match to the payment gateway. Based on our AVS rejection settings, the transaction is accepted or rejected. It is possible for a card to be authorized at the card issuing bank and then declined due to our AVS settings. If this happens, you could mistake this authorization for a charge as the authorization reduces your available limit. However, a transaction declined for AVS will not settle and you will not be charged.

To check and see if your order went through, login to your account and click My Orders and Payment. You will be able to view a list of successful purchases. If you have any questions call 800-888-8499.

9. What's with the Word Verification? What is CAPTCHA?

State of the art CAPTCHA technology prevents automated programs from bombarding our website making your purchase quicker and helps keep the ticket brokers out! CAPTCHAs are used by many websites to prevent abuse from "bots," or automated programs usually written to generate spam.

10. It’s less than 24 hours before my event begins and I haven't received my tickets yet. What should I do?

1.     Check your receipt to determine if you selected “will call”, US Mail or Flash Seats as the shipping option.

2.     If you selected to pick your tickets up at “will call” at the event, please remember to bring a photo ID, your receipt and the credit card used to make the purchase for verification purposes.

3.     If you selected US Mail and it’s less than 24 hours before the start of your event, and you still haven’t received your tickets, it is your responsibility to contact Smith’s Tix before 2:00pm on the day of your event and make arrangements to pick your tickets up at "will call". Smith’s Tix is not responsible for tickets lost in the mail and we always suggest you choose eTickets or FedEx (which offers a tracking service) whenever possible.

4.     If you selected Flash Seats, login to your Flash Seats account (you should have received an email confirmation from Flash Seats once the tickets were delivered into your account). Verify that your tickets are in your account and that all of your account information is correct. You may use the credit card that is in your account at the door to get in; or you may download the Flash Seats mobile app and show that at the door to gain entry to the event.

5.     If you are unable to contact Smith’s Tix customer service before your event, bring your printed Confirmation Email and Picture ID and speak to someone in the Box Office at the event for assistance.

Smith’s Tix is not responsible for tickets ordered but not picked up at "will call". By agreeing to our terms when buying tickets, purchasers waive their right to a refund for tickets not picked up at "will call". 

Tickets set up for mail delivery will be shipped via USPS, one business day after order completion and should arrive no later than 8 days prior to the event. Please note that tickets will be mailed to the mailing address on the account set up to purchase the tickets. An incorrect billing address or credit card account information can delay processing and delivery. Tickets lost in the mail will be set up for Will Call pick up only; they cannot be re-mailed. The customer is responsible for notification to SmithsTix if the tickets are not received within the time frame posted above.

If your tickets are being held for pick-up at the venue on the night of the show, please note that the tickets will only be released to the name on the SmithsTix.com account used to purchase said tickets. If the will call pickup name needs to be changed for any reason please contact the SmithsTix information line at 800-888-8499 for instructions. A photo ID must be presented for tickets to be released. The account number of the order is also required. In most cases, these tickets will be available no earlier than one hour prior to the scheduled start of the event.

11. What and where is “Will-Call”?

“Will-Call” is a box office term that means tickets are to be picked up at the location of the event - on the day of the event. “Will-Call” tickets will generally be available for pick up beginning 60 minutes prior to the start of the event. “Will-Call” tickets are held under the name appearing on the credit card used to make the purchase. Only that person may pick up the tickets. You will be asked to present a photo ID, your receipt and the credit card used to make the purchase for verification purposes.

12. What are your terms and conditions?

click here

13. Where can I find your corporate information?

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14. Why can’t I buy tickets for an event?

Tickets may not be available online for one of the following reasons.

  • Tickets may not be on sale yet.
  • Tickets may not be available at this time. More tickets may become available later.
  • Tickets may not be available online just hours before an event occurs.
  • On rare occasions, tickets may only be available at the door.
  • When purchasing tickets from Smith’s Tix you are limited to a specified number of tickets for each event. This amount is included on the unique event page and is verified with every transaction. This policy is in effect to discourage unfair ticket buying practices. Orders exceeding the ticket limit may be cancelled without notice by Smith’s Tix at its discretion. This includes duplicate orders having the same name, billing address or credit card.
  • Trying to purchase tickets using multiple browers, or opening multiple browser windows or opening multiple tabs within your browser will prevent you from completing your order and will cause a conflict if you are limited to purchasing a specified number of tickets to an event.

Please always remember to check back for availability.

15. Do I have a better chance of finding tickets if I open multiple browser windows or tabs? 

No. Trying to purchase tickets using multiple browers, or opening multiple browser windows or opening multiple tabs within your browser will prevent you from completing your order and will cause a conflict if you are limited to purchasing a specified number of tickets to an event.

16. How can I find out when events go on sale?

Sign up for our weekly Newsletter or visit our website SmithsTix.com.

17. How do I update my mailing list preferences?

Login to your account to update your mailing list preferences or unsubscribe.

18. Where can I read your privacy statement?

Click here

19. Why can’t I see the interactive seating chart when purchasing tickets?

In certain circumstances, such as an on sale, the interactive seating chart might be disabled to ensure the customer enough time to complete their transaction.

20. What if I forgot my account login/password?

Login to your Smith’s Tix account, enter your email address and click Forgot User Name or Password. A new password will be emailed to you.

21. I don’t remember creating an account. How did one get created for me?

Whenever you purchase tickets online or over the phone an account is automatically created for you. You may store your credit card number for future transactions, select emails/newsletters that you would like to receive, view past orders, and forward tickets via your account.

22. What is Flash Seats?

Flash Seats® is an innovative electronic ticketing system that provides ticket buyers with the unique opportunity to choose any form of electronic ID (credit card, driver’s license, etc.) as their method of entry to a given event. Flash Seats® provides a dynamic ticketing alternative for both primary and secondary ticketing that takes place in a controlled, secure and branded environment. Flash Seats® offers more control and benefits for the fan. Fans benefit from the convenience of entering a venue with the swipe of a credit card or driver’s license, without worry of lost, stolen or counterfeit tickets. They also have the ability to transfer or sell their single or season tickets instantly in a secure manner. For more information please check out our Flash Seats page here

23. How are ticket prices and fees determined?

Ticket prices are based on the following:

Face Value of a Ticket
The face value of a ticket is determined by the promoter, venue, or artist. Smiths’ Tix does not determine the face value of tickets.

Facility Charge/Parking Charge
The purpose for these charges vary from venue to venue. Not all venues charge a facility/parking charge. Smith’s Tix does not determine the facility/parking charge. The facility/parking charge is not retained by Smith’s Tix; it is remitted to the venue.

Convenience Charge
This fee covers costs that allow Smith’s Tix to provide the widest range of available tickets while giving you multiple ways to purchase. Tickets are available in many neighborhoods via local ticket outlet locations, our telephone reservation line and Smithstix.com. Tickets can be purchased through at least one distribution channel virtually 24 hours a day. The convenience charge varies by event and is determined by negotiations with arena operators, promoters, credit card fees and others, based on costs for each event.

Is the convenience charge always the same no matter where I buy my tickets?
No, the convenience charge can vary depending upon where you purchase the tickets. Fees charged at the Venue Box Office may vary, please call the Venue Box Office to confirm pricing. A convenience charge is applied when you purchase from the Internet, phone or ticket outlet (e.g., at your local Smith’s grocery store), and this charge may vary depending upon agreements with its venue, promoter and outlet partners.

Order Processing Fee
The order processing fee covers the cost to fulfill your ticket request when you purchase the tickets online or by phone. This charge includes services, such as taking and maintaining your order on our ticketing systems, arranging for shipping and/or coordinating with the box office will call. It is applied to an entire order. Both the venue or promoter and Smith’s Tix determine the charge on an event-by-event basis. In almost all cases, additional delivery prices may be charged based on the delivery method that you choose.

City, state, and local taxes (and for Canada, provincial and Federal Goods and Services taxes) are typically included in the face value of the ticket.

24. New ADA Regulations – Effective March 15, 2011

Individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to purchase tickets for accessible seating during the same hours; the same stages of ticket sales, including, but not limited to, pre-sales, promotions, lotteries, wait-lists, and general sales; through the same methods of distribution; in the same types and numbers of ticketing sales outlets, including telephone service, in-person ticket sales at the facility, or third-party ticketing services, as other patrons; and under the same terms and conditions as other tickets sold for the same event or series of events.

For each ticket for a wheelchair space purchased by an individual with a disability or a third-party purchasing such a ticket at his or her request, a public entity shall make available for purchase three additional tickets for seats in the same row that are contiguous with the wheelchair space, provided that at the time of purchase there are three such seats available. If patrons are allowed to purchase at least four tickets, and there are fewer than three such additional contiguous seat tickets available for purchase, a public entity shall offer the next highest number of such seat tickets available for purchase and shall make up the difference by offering tickets for sale for seats that are as close as possible to the accessible seats. If a public entity limits sales of tickets to fewer than four seats per patron, then the public entity is only obligated to offer as many seats to patrons with disabilities, including the ticket for the wheelchair space, as it would offer to patrons without disabilities.

Individuals with disabilities who hold tickets for accessible seating shall be permitted to transfer tickets to third parties under the same terms and conditions and to the same extent as other spectators holding the same type of tickets, whether they are for a single event or series of events. A public entity shall modify its policies, practices, or procedures to ensure that an individual with a disability may use a ticket acquired in the secondary ticket market under the same terms and conditions as other individuals who hold a ticket acquired in the secondary ticket market for the same event or series of events. If an individual with a disability acquires a ticket or series of tickets to an inaccessible seat through the secondary market, a public entity shall make reasonable modifications to its policies, practices, or procedures to allow the individual to exchange his ticket for one to an accessible seat in a comparable location if accessible seating is vacant at the time the individual presents the ticket to the public entity.