Cirque du Soleil: Crystal - A Breakthrough Ice Experience

Maverik Center
7:30 pm
Ticket Pricing $45-$125

Cirque du Soleil: Crystal - A Breakthrough Ice Experience is coming to the Maverik Center March 7-10, don't miss your chance to see it LIVE!

Crystal is the creative young woman who feels misunderstood and out of sync with herself.  To escape her reality, she ventures out on a frozen pond and falls through the ice into an upside world.  In this underwater world of her imagination she sees a reflection of herself.  Her reflection guides her through this new world and wakes her up to her own creativity.  As Crystal continues her journey she turns her quirks into creativity with the stroke of her pen.  With this newfound power, she is able to find her true self and journey back up to reality.  The Show CRYSTAL is about looking at things from fresh angles, peeking through the veneer of everyday life, reframing one's daily reality to see what one might have missed.  Sometimes the only way to appreciate things is to look at them sideways.  Discovering one's individuality and uniqueness requires venturing out on thin ice.

Special Information On Sale: October 5 at 10am. Flash Seats are both transfer & resale restricted.

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