Beauty & the Beast

DeJoria Center
3:00 pm
Ticket Pricing Adult: $20-$55/Kids: $10-$25

When you think of a dying rose and a clock, candlestick and teapot who are thinking Beauty and the Beast. One of this season's spellbinding family shows from The Panto Company USA stars Dame Dotty Potty, Loopy Louie, Gaston, Belle and of course The Beast! The beautiful Belle finds herself in a spell-bound castle held captive by a beast...does she fall in love with the Beast before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose? Or will the Beast's selfishness cost him the world he once knew and the hand of the girl that has melted his heart? Filled with all the wonderful ingredients you have come to expect from The Panto Company USA: lots of laughter, stunning costumes, music and plenty of magic.

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